Parent Support:

Our relationships with parents are our most valued partnerships at Mulberry House. We want to ensure that parents feel supported every step of the way.  Our school is readily available for parents’ consultation, and we provide regular communication through our ‘Classdojo’ app. We offer a termly parent-teacher conference with formal reports so our parents can understand what stage their child is at. We also provide any appropriate and needed SEN support for parents.

Primary School Pathways:

As part of our commitment to parents, our support does not simply end once children have finished their learning at Mulberry House. Our passionate team of educators have a deep understanding of Hong Kong primary school systems and seek to help your child advance to their ideal school.

We are connected to a very wide range of premier international and local primary schools in Hong Kong as well as a large network of principals, and are able to guide families through their process of choosing the right school for them. We frequently visit primary schools to scope out the differences between them and their individual, unique aspects so that we are able to feedback to parents. We explore the important primary school options and decisions for each child and family together in our regular seminars.

Here are the top 10 Primary School destinations for our graduates:

•       Australian International School Hong Kong (AIS)

•       Canadian International School Hong Kong (CDNIS)

•       Chinese International School (CIS)

•       English Schools Foundation (ESF)

•       Independent Schools Foundation (ISF)

•       International Christian School (ICS)

•       International College Hong Kong (ICHK)

•       Japanese International School (JIS)

•       Malvern College Hong Kong (MCHK)

•       Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA)

School Visits

Bloom KKCA Academy: a future-oriented school prioritising innovation
Bloom KKCA Academy: a future-oriented school prioritising innovation

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