Our Learning Environment

In the Reggio Emilia approach, the environment is viewed as the third teacher. At Mulberry House, we have worked closely with early childhood experts, architect and designers to ensure that our learning space provides every opportunity for children to imagine, discover, take risks, be curious, construct, ask questions, and explore their senses. Children thrive in these environments that are carefully laid out to suit their interests and developmental stages. 

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Southside Campus

Located in the beautiful setting by the Aberdeen Harbour, our Southside campus has full glass windows engulfing every classroom in natural light, opening onto spacious indoor areas with a bilingual library, an indoor playground, and plenty of inviting spaces for children to explore and learn. 

  • Indoor Playground  
  • Sports Field
  • Bilingual Library
  • Music and Dance Room
  • Play Gym
Nursery Classroom
Play Gym

Taipo Campus

Located in the beautiful setting of Providence Bay and designed with young children in mind, this 20,000 sq ft campus has brightly-lit classrooms which open onto a spacious indoor area with a thoughtfully-designed tree house and lots of inviting spaces to play, learn and discover. Complimented by an outdoor area, children can be in their element as they tend to our school garden, play in the sand boxes and enjoy the fresh air and sea breeze as they explore the natural world around them.  Our beautiful campus has abundant learning spaces for children to inquiry and learn, including:

  • Music Room
  • Sensory Area
  • Indoor Playground  
  • Sports Field
  • Outdoor Garden
  • Bilingual Library
Indoor Playground
Sports Field
Music Room
Playgroup Room
Sensory/Light Room
Role Play Area
Outdoor Garden
Bilingual Library
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