Programme Overview

Dual Language Immersion 

Mulberry House is a Dual-Language School with kindergartens in Tai Po and Southside, where English and Mandarin Chinese language and culture are fully integrated throughout every aspect of a child’s early years learning experience. In the morning we offer a complete Dual-Language stream for 50/50 English and Mandarin, and in the afternoon we offer multiple streams for pure English, pure Mandarin and a mix of both. 

Each classroom is guided by qualified and experienced native English and Mandarin educators. Throughout day to day life, your child will effortlessly absorb and experience both English and Mandarin as both “Living Languages”, building up their fluency and literacy levels, developing their academic skills, and cultivating happy and confident global citizens.  

How We Are Different?

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is Inquiry-Based blended with the Reggio Emilia approach, underpinned by Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) for children under 6 years old. Inquiry Based learning is a vital part of the Mulberry House curriculum, as it offers a rich framework that cultivates creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  

Children learn best through inquiry, where they are given time and guidance to explore, to experiment, and to reflect on what they have learnt. At Mulberry House International Kindergarten, children learn through hands on, active and self-motivated learning, which is essential in developing their lifelong love of learning. As children forge connections between themselves and the world, they establish a deep understanding of the world.

English & Chinese Literacy

We aim to build a strong English and Chinese literacy foundation, getting them ready for the most competitive bilingual primary schools in Hong Kong.  
– For English, we follow the British Letters and Sounds Framework, and the “Get Reading Right” Phonics and Literacy programme. 
– For Chinese, we follow the Greenfield Chinese Curriculum “I can read myself”(青田全語文閱讀課程-我自己會讀). 


Our programme builds upon the United Kingdom’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which sets clear expectations for each developmental stage covering 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas:

3 Prime Areas:
  • Personal, Social & Emotional: making relationships, building self-confidence and self-awareness, and managing feelings and behaviour
  • Physical: handling movement and physical tasks, learning to take care of oneself
  • Communication and Language: listening and speaking, understanding others, and responding to questions properly
4 Specific Areas:
  • Literacy: reading and writing (in English and Mandarin Chinese)
  • Mathematics: numbers, shape, space and measure
  • Understanding the World: people and communities, the world, and technology
  • Expressive Arts and Design: exploring and using media and materials, and being imaginative

The Mulberry House Learning Journey 

The Mulberry House learning journey is an integrated pathway to your child’s success. It carefully builds upon developmental stages from 6 months to 6 years of age, developing each child’s social-emotional, physical and intellectual well being. This Mulberry House learning journey is formed by 3 key stages:

  • Infant & Toddler:  6 – 16 Mths, 16 – 24 Mths, 24 – 32 Mths (Accompanied)
  • Pre-Nursery: 2 – 3 Yrs (Unaccompanied)
  • Kindergarten: 3 – 6 Yrs – K1, K2, and K3 (Unaccompanied)
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