Kindergarten Programme

Our curriculum adopts an investigation and creative approach, which encourages children to plan, initiate projects and reflect on their own learning. Children are seen as being confident, capable and creative as they learn valuable skills; critical for lifelong success in learning and living. Research shows that children’s individual interests in play based activities motivate their learning. 

Our Kindergarten programme is designed to inspire children’s thinking and stimulate their brain development through a wide range of music, stories, movement, arts, language, physical, and sensory activities. Our passionate Early Years educators provide creative learning environments that will give children the tools and knowledge to become literate and confident leaders of tomorrow. 

By interacting with our English and Chinese teachers and participating in daily activities in an interactive learning environment, our children can develop their skills, express their emotions, and establish close relationships with others. This bilingual co-class teaching approach allows students to inquire about the world in both languages, and builds strong bilingual and bi-literacy abilities.

Research shows that being able to master more than one language enables children to have strong cognitive abilities. In today’s ever changing world it is increasingly important to be able to converse in multiple languages in order to develop cultural competence as a global citizen.

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