Forest School

Forest and Adventure school 

Our Forest School offers students unique and regular opportunities to develop confidence through hands-on learning. In interacting with the environment around them, they gain an appreciation for nature, whilst also building practical skills and resilience needed in the outside world. We offer Forest School to our Kindergarten children as part of our regular programme as we strongly believe that it adds many benefits to our students’ learning:

  • Motivation: Children are often highly intrigued by the environment. Being exposed to it thus increases their motivation to learn and participate. In turn, they are also able to concentrate for longer periods. Research shows Forest School has a positive impact on long-term memory and specific academic skills by improving engagement and consequently achievement.
  • New knowledge and skills: Outdoor learning facilitates the construction of knowledge and skills in ways that add value to children’s everyday experiences in the classroom. For instance, children incorporate all five senses when engaging in outdoor play which builds more neural connections in the brain’s pathway. Sensory play further supports body awareness, balance and the development of gross motor skills.
  • Keeps children healthy: Children have a breath of fresh air and build physical stamina over time.
  • Confidence: Forest School provides children with the freedom to explore and experience the world around them which promotes self-esteem and independence.
  • Communication: Group work and interpersonal skills are learnt through enjoyable ways like scavenger hunts.

Although COVID no longer permits us to go out to the forest every week, we still incorporate forest school into our programmes through the use of our outdoor garden and play area.

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