Forest School

Forest School

Forest School is an inspirational environment that offers our students regular opportunities to develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in outdoor environment. We offer Forest School to our Kindergarten children as part of our regular programme, as we strongly believe that it adds many benefits to our students’ learning and well-being as well as developmental growth.

Forest School provides children with the opportunity to explore and experience the natural world through practical activities which helps promote confidence, self-esteem, independence and resilience.

Outdoor learning develops knowledge and skills in ways that add value to children’s everyday experiences in the classroom and beyond while enjoying a variety of exciting and challenging activities.

Research shows that Forest School has a positive impact on long-term memory and encourages the development of specific academic skills by improving engagement, achievement and a stronger motivation to learn.

Teamwork, intra- and inter-personal skills are also developed through games and group activities such as scavenger hunts. Self-esteem, individual practical and intellectual skills are enhanced through supervised activities like shelter building, tool handling or lighting fires.

Currently, all K1-K3 students participate in regular Fores School sessions. The programme runs in all safe weather conditions. Bus transportation from campus to the Forest School learning sites and back is arranged through the school.






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