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Teaching environment

In Reggio's teaching philosophy, the environment is regarded as a child's third teacher. During the space design process of Mulberry House, we worked closely with early childhood education experts, architects and designers to ensure that we created a place where children can imagine, discover, take risks, ask questions, go construct, and a space to explore all their senses. We believe that these environments, designed according to a child's interests and stage of development, help children thrive.

Teaching environment

Our school is located in the beautiful Tiantian Bay, with an area of ​​20,000 square feet. The bright and spacious indoor area is designed around the shape of a tree house, providing an open space for children to play, learn and explore. In addition, while enjoying the natural sea breeze outdoors, students can also carry out a variety of recreational activities in outdoor spaces such as gardens and sand pits.

Areas dedicated to learning

We have carefully arranged a variety of natural and authentic learning materials in different learning areas. From here, children will start a wonderful journey of exploring themselves and the world around them, and thus stimulate their unique potential:

  • music classroom
  • sensory area
  • indoor activity area
  • sports area
  • outdoor garden
  • bilingual library
Campus Environment

music classroom

sensory area

indoor activity area

sports area

outdoor garden

Bilingual Reading Room