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“懋柏禮” is not only the transliteration of our English name “Mulberry”, but we also chose these three characters to convey our hope for our students to embody the great qualities these words have: 

The word “懋” refers to prosperity and hardworking, therefore during the Qing Dynasty in China, the place where the emperor studied was named “懋勤殿”. We wish our students can grow up to be curious, enthusiastic, and resilient learners in the future, and we also hope that Mulberry House will become their favorite place to study.

The word “柏” means cypress in Chinese, people in China speak highly of the cypress for its ability in surviving the coldness of winter. In The Analects, Confucius invokes this phrase: “Only in the cold winter does one know that the pine and the cypress are the last to shed their leaves”, it means that harsh environments can test whether one has a strong mind, perseverance, and noble character. We appreciate this excellent quality and hope it can inspire our students as well as ourselves.

The word “禮” stands for courteous. At Mulberry House, we emphasize courtesy in interactions between people and respect the development of different individuals. Seeking common ground while reserving differences has always been one of our most important educational goals in these years.

This is the origin of the Chinese name of Mulberry House, which contains all our expectations and blessings for this school. We sincerely hope that with our joint efforts, Mulberry House will become an embracing, trustworthy, and quality school for the public.

The English meaning of

Mulberry House”

Mulberry is a tree that has been the sign of nature, faith, and growth. Like most plants, mulberries need full sun and also adequate space to grow and blossom – it is a strong analogy for young learners who need full care and love in early childhood to grow and thrive. 

The word ‘House’ sends a welcoming vibe as a children’s place. It’s a learning environment that has been carefully designed and prepared for children to create, think, explore, and play with peers. We hope to promote relationships, communication, collaboration, and community when a family joins us.  

All of this represents a love for what we do, the importance of high-quality education, and the growth of a child.

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