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Holistic Early Childhood Education (6 Mths to 6 Yrs)

Programme Overview

Unique to Hong Kong, we are a true Dual-Language school, with the best mix of modern western teaching approaches, deeply rooted in the Chinese language and culture. Our curriculum is the perfect mix of “learning through play” and solid “academic preparation”, underpinned by the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Through the most engaging early bilingual learning experiences at Mulberry House, we strive to provide your child with the ultimate care and learning exposure from the earliest and most critical years of development, fostering higher levels of fluency and laying a firm foundation for your child’s future learning and success.

We provide an authentic 50-50 English-Mandarin bilingual programme to children 6 months to 6 years, guided by experienced and native speaking educators, with the serious purpose of raising fully bilingual, bi-cultural and bi-literate children. We offer 3 streams to families depending on the family background and needs (AM/PM/Full-day):

  • Dual-Language (50-50 English & Mandarin)
  • Pure English
  • Pure Mandarin

Children are born curious. We cultivate children to explore their immediate surroundings using their 5 senses, with a range of integrated learning through play activities, maximising their sensory stimulation and guiding them to best understand the world around them. 

The hands-on, stimulating and active learning experiences is perfect for the caretaker and your child to bond. We focus on your child’s language development, cognitive development, motor skill development, and social skills; through an array of developmentally appropriate activities:

  • Sensory play
  • Light and shadow exploration
  • Music and rhymes
  • Dramatic story telling
  • Gross and fine motor skill development
  • Socialisation (shared area and snack time)
Pre-Nursery Programme

As early childhood educators, we support the holistic development of each unique child; their physical, emotional, social, intellectual, creative and language development. Through engaging purposefully designed learning environments that support children’s curiosity and wonder and engage children in a range of materials and resources that extend and challenge their thinking.

Our Pre nursery programme in partnership with our parent community will support the children in their first steps of separation and independence. Giving them the tools to be confident communicators, resilient and creative problem solvers of the future.

Kindergarten Programme

Our curriculum adopts an investigation and creative approach, which encourages children to plan, initiate projects and reflect on their own learning. Children are seen as being confident, capable and creative as they learn valuable skills; critical for lifelong success in learning and living. Research shows that children’s individual interests in play based activities motivate their learning. 

Our Kindergarten programme is designed to inspire children’s thinking and stimulate their brain development through a wide range of music, stories, movement, arts, language, physical, and sensory activities. Our passionate Early Years educators provide creative learning environments that will give children the tools and knowledge to become literate and confident leaders of tomorrow. 

By interacting with our English and Chinese teachers and participating in daily activities in an interactive learning environment, our children can develop their skills, express their emotions, and establish close relationships with others. This bilingual co-class teaching approach allows students to inquire about the world in both languages, and builds strong bilingual and bi-literacy abilities.

Research shows that being able to master more than one language enables children to have strong cognitive abilities. In today’s ever changing world it is increasingly important to be able to converse in multiple languages in order to develop cultural competence as a global citizen.