International College Hong Kong

Holistic Education With A Large Forest School


International College Hong Kong ICHK is an IB world school with a strong community ethos. Its mission is to be a vibrant and caring community developing creative, enthusiastic, confident learners who will take action in an ever-changing world.

What a real community school ICHK Hong Lok Yuen is! The environment is truly unique in Hong Kong with a large playing field, playground, school garden, an on-site jungle for Forest School, and extensive open space allows students to play and enjoy sports. It offers a really well-rounded approach to the whole child in terms of education and pastoral care.

What’s special about the school:


  • Outdoor learning not only encouraged but built into the fabric of the curriculum. So all students are able to walk, exercise, cycle, canyon, measure, think about music, literature, explore history and work int he beautiful outdoor and classrooms.
  • A mastery program begins in Year 7, as new students begin their epistemic apprenticeship with a focus on approaches to learning, backed by its 5+1 model of learning.
  • Five simple words at the heart of everything they do at ICHK: work hard and be nice. With these words, students understand and are encouraged to work hard at being who they want to be.


School Details:


Phone 2655 9018
School Address 3, Twentieth Street, Hong Lok Yuen
Curriculum International
Language of Instruction English
Admissions The starting age is 2 years old. Grades available is early childhood-Y13
School Hours Pre-Nursery:12.30 – 3PM
Nursery (Part time) 8.15AM – 11.30PM
Nursery(Full time) & Primary: 8.15AM – 3PM
School closes at 2PM on Wednesdays

We work closely with ICHK and its admissions team, making sure our parents get plenty of school information and admissions support, school experience day and private school tours. Sign up for the upcoming ICHK events below or contact our team now.

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