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Forest School Programme

Forest School Programme

Mulberry House’s Forest School programme takes place both on campus and in the great outdoors to give students the space, freedom, and practical skills for exploration and discovery, nurturing meaningful and positive lifelong learning experiences.

We firmly believe that outdoor learning is as important to a child’s development and well-being as a traditional classroom and school setting. Students embark on weekly field trips, from visits to organic farms to hiking to the Tai Po Kau Education Trail. They also grow their own plants and vegetables at the organic farm, learning about crop cultivation and harvesting.

Outdoor learning creates a variety of exciting and challenging activities, developing concrete knowledge and practical skills that adds value to children’s classroom experiences. These hands-on experiences in a natural environment also gives students ample opportunities to promote confidence, self-esteem, independence, and resilience.

Programme Highlights:

  • Child-led play-based experiential learning experience with a focus on all 5 senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) 
  • Inquiry about our local flora, fungi, and fauna
  • Experience with planting and farming
  • Safety first exploration about the natural world
  • Blended learning of indoor and outdoor experiences with safety preparation and guides, immersive experiences as well as reflection workshops

What are the benefits of Forest School?

  • Providing children opportunities to explore and experience the natural world through practical activities
  • Enhancing individual practical and intellectual skills through supervised activities like shelter building, tool handling or lighting fires
  • Improving children’s physical wellbeing and motor skills development 
  • Promoting teamwork, intra- and inter-personal skills through games and group activities such as scavenger hunts
  • Helping promote children’s confidence, self-esteem, independence and resilience

Locations available:

  • Tai Po
  • Aberdeen
Photos From Our Forest School Programme