Fai Chun (挥春) is a traditional decoration used during the Chinese New Year. We’ll show you how to customise your own on your mobile device (iOS / Android). 

Your finished product will look like this 

Step 1: Download the Photo Layer App (iOS / Android

Step 2: Download our Mulberry House Fai Chun templates here

Step 3: Open the app, click Load a photo (Android) or click the background image icon (iOS) and click Done

 Step 4: Click Add Photo (Android) or Photo Layer Button (iOS). You can crop your photo and click Done.

Step 5: Adjust your photo and resize to fit the ‘cut-out’ bubble. 

SCREENSHOT 2022-01-13 111550.JPG

Step 6: Click Add Photo (or click the Photo Layer for iOS) again and add the template on top of your child’s image. Adjust the size of the image to fit your background image. 

* You can click your child’s photo layer to move and resize the image to fit the bubble. Click the top layer template to move it back on top. 

SCREENSHOT 2022-01-13 111602.JPG

SCREENSHOT 2022-01-13 111615.JPG

Step 7: Click Save. For Android, you will find the image in your Photo Layer folder. For iOS, the photo will be in your Photos folder.

Step 8: You are welcome to share this with your friends and family digitally or print and decorate your home! Happy Chinese New Year!


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