Bloom KKCA Academy

A Future-Oriented School Prioritising Innovation

Situated in Shep Kip Mei, Bloom KKCA was founded by educators, engineers, and entrepreneurs. It prides itself on its educators who range from NASA engineers to reading specialists. The school currently accepts children in Grades 1-6. Although they adopt the US Common Core Curriculum, teaching is conducted through the mediums of English and Mandarin. They also follow the Next Generation Science curriculum and interweave a unique three-core program: their academic program, their positive education program, and their Bloom Innovation program. The philosophy of this school focuses on maximising engagement rather than traditional rote learning alone. As such, they offer hands-on learning, weekly field trips, games, multimedia learning, projects that collect raw data from the environment, and even internships.



What’s special about the school:

  • A key feature of the school is its project and research-based approach, seeking to develop children into pioneers of social innovation.
  • They prioritise statistics and data science above the accepted trigonometry maths.
  • They view media literacy as fundamental for critical thinking and acknowledge how it has been exempt from standard teaching programs.
  • They consistently update their curriculum based on conversations with experts in the field as well as students themselves.
  • The level of innovation is unmissable, not to mention their world-class STEM program drawn from the ‘Next Generation Science Standards’; a gold standard curriculum.


School Details:


Phone 21104788
School Address 7 Pui Tak Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Curriculum Interweaves a unique three-core program: academic program, positive education program and Bloom innovation program.
Language of Instruction English and Mandarin (Simplified Chinese characters).
Admissions Grades 1 – 6. The starting age is 6 years old
School Hours The normal school hours are 8.30am – 3.30pm.

We work closely with Bloom KKCA and its admissions team, making sure our parents get plenty of school information and admissions support, school experience day and schools. Sign up for the upcoming Bloom KKCA events below.

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