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About Mulberry House
Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide stimulating learning opportunities to young children, and to nurture global citizens, culturally and linguistically fluent in English and Chinese – with a lifelong love of learning. As one of the first Mandarin focused and bilingual Playgroup & Kindergarten established in 2015, the Mulberry House community is a group of educators and families at the confluence of modern Western approaches and time-honoured Chinese values. With a deep understanding and appreciation for the Chinese language and culture, we continue to refine our intercultural programme to ensure our students develop language skills, critically thinking skills along with establishing a strong academic foundation in English, Chinese and Mathematics.

The bilingual curriculum is something that we really wanted to see in a school. Maia loves the school and all the teachers here!

/ K1 Class Maia's Parents

Raising Bilingual Learners, Nurturing Global Citizens

Mulberry House schools embraces six long-lived Chinese values of Love, Kindness, Respect, Harmony, Trust & Wisdom. Grounded in these core values that are deeply rooted in Chinese culture, combining with a global and modern perspective, each member of our school community are guided to think and demonstrate in our daily lives.

Love (Ài)

We encourage students to love and appreciate life, families and friends, and lifelong learning.

Kindness (rén)

We show kindness and care to ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Respect (lǐ)

We treat others with courtesy and respect; think and act after careful consideration.

Harmony (hé)

We seek to understand, to include others and embraces differences, and to promote intercultural understanding.

Trust (xìn)

We demonstrate ourselves with honesty and integrity, building our trust with the community surrounding us.

Wisdom (zhì)

Wisdom stems from knowledge, understanding and clear values of right v.s wrong. We guide students to inquire, communicate, act wisely.

6 Cornerstones of Our Education

We believe the Early Years lays a firm and important foundation for your child’s future life-long learning journey. Providing a secure and innovative environment for children to engage in our holistic programme, we firmly believe and implements our 6 key cornerstones:

1. We provide an authentic bilingual immersion learning experience for children, guided by experienced and native speaking educators, raising fully bilingual, bi-cultural and bi-literate children.

2. We are Inquiry-based, which offers a rich framework that cultivates creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Children are given time and guidance to explore, to experiment, and to reflect on what they have learnt. 

3. Our curriculum is guided by UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage EYFS. Under the 7 areas of learning framework, children learn through hands on, active and self motivated learning. This well established and holistic programme aims at cultivating children’s creativity and exploratory minds, enabling them to realise their unique potential.

4. We are Reggio Emilia inspired, with beautiful and natural environments across all campuses, providing a sensory-rich learning experience to children.

5. We believe nature offers children an exciting playground and an excellent classroom. Our Forest School programme incorporates the outdoor learning experiences into our normal school life, which provide various types of stimulation, promotes children’s imagination, make them think about new challenges, encourage responsibilities and build their confidence.

6. Parent Partnership Focus: Our learning is child-led. We are committed to work together with parents, to listen to our children, and discover what interests them in providing them the appropriate opportunities. Along with providing weekly feedback and termly reports to parents, we provide parents lot of parenting guidance, primary school application support, online and in-person parent seminars and 1-1 consultations.

Our Environment

We believe “Environment is our third teacher”. We also believe that nature offers children an exciting playground and an excellent classroom. Everywhere you go around our schools, you will see reflections of our philosophy and pedagogy we subscribe to.

  1. Our environment is designed and decorated with sustainable and natural materials such as flowers, shells, stones, fabrics, leaves and prints, where children can explore a variety of shapes, textures and colours with all of their senses. This engages them to care for natural environment, develop respect for living things, allow them to be more resourceful and help them to appreciate natural beauty.
  2. Our learning areas are careful set up by our teachers to spark curiosity and conversations. Learning areas are always filled with loose parts as they encourage open-ended play, allowing children to decide the purpose of each item, providing them many possibilities for discovery and stimulating their creativity.
  3. When you walk into a classroom, you will see furniture and learning areas set up at the child’s eye level, and you will see beautifully decorated classrooms as well as beautiful display of each child’s precious work.

We also integrate Forest School Programme into our regular school schedule. This regular outdoor learning experience provide various types of stimulation, promotes children’s imagination, make them think about new challenges, encourage responsibilities and build their confidence. Find out more about our Forest School Programme.

Our Leadership Team

Jessica Ye Trainor (Founder & School Supervisor)

Jessica founded Mulberry House Education Group in 2015 with a vision to building leading bilingual international schools. She was born in China, educated in the US, and worked across multiple cities in US, UK and Hong Kong. After failing to find her first child a true bilingual preschool, she has ventured into a postgraduate education degree, and started her first campus in Hong Kong. 

Jessica is deeply committed to curriculum research, education pedagogy as well as parent support; focusing on inquiry-based learning, cultivating children to be independent thinkers, in both English and Mandarin Chinese. Before education, Jessica worked in banking and research for 14 years.

  • 14 Years' Experience in Financial Markets and Research
  • 8 Years' Experience in Curriculum Design and School Management
  • MSc in Education, Education University of Hong Kong, HK
  • BSc and MSc in Computer Science & Mathematics, New York University, US
  • NAMC Montessori Teaching Diploma (Early Childhood 3-6 Yrs), Canada

Joanne Townson (Taipo School Manager)

Joanne has been teaching for over 25+ years both in the UK and Hong Kong. She has been in leadership roles for the past 7 years across international and bilingual kindergartens and believes that children play as they learn and that in play, children learn how to learn. Joanne delights in watching children explore and enjoys listening to their stories of adventure.

Having taken an interest in children and their mental wellbeing she is also a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and is also qualified in Understanding and Managing Dyslexia after her daughter was diagnosed. Joanne believes that a school should be a safe place for children and that they should be able to explore their potential without boundaries. She enjoys building parent-school relationships and looks forward to the schools monthly coffee mornings.

  • 25+ Years’ Experience in Early Childhood Education
  • Higher National Diploma in Early Year Childhood Education, University of East London
  • BSY Level 3 Certificate for managing and understanding dyslexia
  • BSY CACHE Certified cognitive behavioral therapist

Joey Chow (Southside School Manager)

Hong Kong born and UK educated, Joey has 10+ years of teaching experience with young children. She has also taken on leadership, Curriculum Coordinator and Head Teacher position across bilingual and local Hong Kong early childhood education settings. Joey treasures every child’s curiosity and creativity. She wishes to create joyful journeys for little learners and help them gain enthusiasm for learning.

  • 10+ Years' Experience in Early Childhood Education
  • 8+ Years' Experience in Curriculum Lead For Renown Hong Kong Kindergarten
  • PGDE Early Childhood Education, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
  • Bachelor of Arts, Hospitality and Business Management, University of Birmingham, UK

Faye Lin (Director of Operations & Admissions)

Faye has 12 years of solid experiences in marketing, public relations and business development specialises in Education. Previously worked at prominent institutions such as English Schools Foundation South Island School, and Hong Kong’s first listed education company, Faye brings significant expertise on various aspects of education management. As a proud mom to a 4-year-old and a 4- month-old, she loves helping parents and working with teachers and children all day. 

  • 12+ Years' Experience in Education Management and Communication in Mainland China and Hong Kong
  • Master of Arts, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
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