We are excited to share with you the wonderful experience our students had during our recent visits to our vegetable farm. The theme for this month’s outings is “The Vegetable Farm”. It is a day filled with fun and learning, this is what our young farmers got to explore:  🌿 Weeding: Our curious kindergarteners got their hands muddy as they learned about the importance of weeding. They eagerly joined in removing weeds from our plot, studying why that helps our vegetables grow stronger.   🌱 Planting: Our little farmers got to find and remove tomato seeds from the real fruit. They carefully placed the seeds into the soil and learnt that the seeds needed to be covered so that the animals can’t eat them. They are now eagerly waiting for those seeds to grow. It was heartwarming to see their faces light up as they worked with some farming tools, discovering the proper depth and spacing required for successful growth. We also learnt that our seeds need four things to grow strong: sunlight, water, air, and lots of love!!  💧 Watering: We discovered the significance of providing plants with the right amount of water. The children learnt about watering techniques and observed how it helps plants thrive. We also learnt to recognise some of the vegetation that needed watering, and so we helped our neighbour farmers by locating their drying plants and added some refreshing water.   🥕 Harvesting Vegetables: Our kids had the chance to harvest fresh vegetables straight from the source. It was so great to see their amazement when collecting vegetables. It was a hands-on experience that taught them about patience and the rewards of hard work. We hope this immersive experience at the vegetable farm has sparked a love for the outdoors and gardening in our little ones. It was so wonderful to see that every single little explorer overcame their anxiety of getting muddy hands and got really involved in all the activities. We even had a very rainy outing with one group, which made it even more fun. We’re not scared of a little rain! Keep an eye out for future updates on our upcoming Forest School outings and we look forward to more exciting adventures with our young explorers! Remember, learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom, we bring our learning to the outdoors too!    🌳🌽 森林學校通訊: “蔬菜農場🍅🌱  我們很高興與大家分享學生們最近參觀蔬菜農場的美好經驗。 本月郊遊的主題是蔬菜農場“,這是充滿樂趣和學習的一天。 這就是我們的年輕農民所要探索的學問:  🌿除草:在除草的過程中,充滿好奇心的孩子們會在不知不覺情況下把手弄髒,這也是我們從除草中學習到最重要的學問。 他們迫不及待地加入到清除地裡雜草的行列中,研究為什麼除草能讓蔬菜長得更茂盛。  🌱種植:我們的小農民必須從真正的蔬菜水果中找到番茄種子。 他們小心翼翼地將種子放入土壤中,當他們使用一些農具工作時,仿佛看到他們的臉上閃閃發光,並發現成功生長所需的適當深度和間距,最終理解為什麼我們必須覆蓋種子才能成功讓它們種植,因爲這樣才不會讓喜歡吃種子的動物把我們栽種的種子吃掉。我們了解到,種子要茁壯成長需要四樣東西:陽光、水、空氣和愛。    💧澆水: 我們發現了為植物提供適量水的重要性。 他們學習了澆水技巧,並觀察了澆水如何幫助植物茁壯成長。 我們也學會了辨認一些需要澆水的植物,因此我們幫助鄰居農民找到了他們乾枯的植物,並為他們補充了一些清水。  🥕收穫蔬菜: 我們的孩子有機會直接收穫新鮮蔬菜。 看到他們在採摘蔬菜時的驚奇樣子,我感到非常高興。 這是一次親身體驗,讓他們懂得了耐心和辛勤工作所得到的回報。  我們希望這次在蔬菜農場的沉浸式體驗能激發孩子們對戶外活動和園藝的熱愛。 我們非常高興地看到,每位小探險家都克服了雙手沾滿泥土的焦慮,真正參與所有活動。 我們甚至和一個小組進行了一次大雨郊遊,這讓活動變得更加有趣,因為我們不怕小雨!  請關注我們即將舉行的森林學校郊遊活動。 我們期待與小探險家們一起經歷更多精彩的探險活動!

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