Central Playgroup

Central Playgroup (Mandarin Immersion)

Located in the convenient location of Central Hong Kong, we offer an innovative Mandarin immersion programme for children from 6 months to 12 Yrs old.

Since founding in 2015, we continue to work on our innovative and engaging Mandarin immersion curriculum and teacher training programme. Children are immersed in a Mandarin speaking environment all day, while we teach children about themselves and the world around them.

We are committed in providing the best Mandarin immersion education in the two central campuses, that’s why we are heavily invested in hiring the most passionate and experienced early childhood educators. To date, all of our qualified teachers are native speakers, have a combined experience over 100 years teaching young children, while continue to develop the most engaging learning experiences for each child. 

More details can be found www.mulberryhouseasia.com

Inside The Campus

Mandarin Playgroup Programme
Mandarin Playgroup Programme
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Concert & Mandarin Performance
Concert & Mandarin Performance
Concert & Mandarin Performance
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