Admissions Overview

Welcome to Mulberry House International Kindergarten! We are delighted that you are considering a premier early childhood education for your child, and we are excited about the opportunity to play a key role in helping your child develop and fulfill their potential. Mulberry House Mailing List Before you apply to the school, we invite you to find out more about our school and admissions by joining one of our Information Session for prospective parents. These sessions are listed here and on our Facebook page. Also, please sign up to our mailing list for the latest information and updates and events about the school. When to Apply Applications for the academic year 2020-21 and 2021-22 are now open for admissions. Parents may apply for a place for your child(ren) two years in advance of the desired year of entry, but not earlier. Programmes Offered In the Academic Year 2020-21 and 2021-22, we are opening Half-Day, Extended-Classes and ECA programmes for Kindergarten 1 (3-4 years), Kindergarten 2 (4-5 years) and Kindergarten 3 (5-6 years) as well as an Under 3s program. Age Guideline

ClassAge/ Date of Birth (as at 31 Aug for 2020-21)Age/Date of Birth (as at 31 Aug for 2021-22)
Pre-Nursery*2 – 3 years old/ 1 Sep 2017 – 31 Aug 20182 – 3 years old/ 1 Sep 2018 – 31 Aug 2019
Kindergarten 13 – 4 years old/ 1 Sep 2016 – 31 Aug 20173 – 4 years old/ 1 Sep 2017 – 31 Aug 2018
Kindergarten 24 – 5 years old/ 1 Sep 2015 – 31 Aug 20164 – 5 years old/ 1 Sep 2016 – 31 Aug 2017
Kindergarten 35 – 6 years old/ 1 Sep 2014 – 31 Aug 20155 – 6 years old/ 1 Sep 2015 – 31 Aug 2016

Note: (1)  Extended Class is optional and is available for children who are attending our morning programme. (2)  The proposed fees are pending approval by the government’s Education Bureau. (3)  Meals are not included in the school fees. For health and hygiene reasons, children staying for the extended day programme should bring a packed lunch and snacks. (4)  An initial set of school uniform is required to be purchased for students from Pre-Nursery onwards. School Fee Policy Application Fee: $1,200 This is a non-refundable, non-transferable administration fee which covers the cost of admissions. The collection of this fee does not constitute any assurance that a school place or an interview will be offered. Security Deposit: A deposit of ONE MONTH SCHOOL FEE is payable upon enrollment. The deposit shall be refunded net of any outstanding balance owed to the school, provided a written Student Withdrawal Notice is submitted to the school Admissions Office at least two calendar months in advance. In case of insufficient notice (i.e. less than two calendar months notice), your deposit shall be retained and will not be refunded. If your child will be leaving school at the end of the school year, a withdrawal notice must be received by 15 June. If a student is not returning to school in the following year and his/her parent has not informed the Kindergarten of the withdrawal on or before 15 June , the parent is liable to the tuition fees for September even if the student does not return to school. How to Apply To enroll your child in Mulberry House, you will need to prepare the following documents for submission.

  • Mulberry House Application Form for 2020-212021-22
  • Two passport size photographs of the child
  • Mother’s identity card / passport with valid visa
  • Father’s identity card / passport with valid visa
  • Child’s copy of Birth Certificate / passport with valid visa
  • Child’s immunization record

To register your child, please send the above-mentioned documents to the following address. LG/F Kindergarten, Mayfair By The Sea I, 23 Fo Chun Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong Upon registration, your child will be allotted a class and a date of commencement, or be placed on the waiting list. Before your child begins with us, a confirmation email will be sent to you with details on the school routine, teachers and other important information. We will be happy to show you, your family and your child around our school, introduce you to the staff and talk you through our pedagogy and programme. If you need further information, please email Admissions Criteria In considering applications from prospective students, we are very conscious of building diversity, so we welcome families of any nationality. Foreign passport holders will receive priority over local passport holders. We also take into consideration how our values as a school align with the families of our students, so we make it mandatory to meet the parents and the child(ren).

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