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Jessica Ye Trainor
  1. Dear parents,


    Welcome to Mulberry House International Kindergarten (MHKG)!  We are excited to welcome you and your family into our beautiful and well purposed learning space and community. Our vision is to create a leading inquiry-based bilingual immersion education programme in Hong Kong, unlocking each child’s unique potential. 


    At Mulberry House International Kindergarten, we believe that early years education lays a lasting foundation for every child’s lifelong learning journey. From birth to age five, a child’s brain develops more rapidly than any other time in life. In fact, a child’s brain grows to about 90% of an adult size brain by age five. From our experienced Principals and leadership team, to our passionate teachers, to our loving supporting staff, we are all fully committed to providing quality care and education so that your child develops physically, intellectually and emotionally during these early years. We provide the highest quality of education for each child through our nurturing learning spaces, passionate educators, and well-rounded curriculum. 


    With our bright and spacious learning spaces including classrooms, music room, sensory area, indoor playground, outdoor garden, and library, we have carefully curated a wide variety of natural learning materials so that your child can start a wonderful journey exploring the world.  


    In our well-designed learning spaces, we have carefully handpicked passionate and well qualified educators and supporting staff who love children and will guide each child to learn and master knowledge and problemsolving skills, both English and Chinese language in spoken and written formats, and social-emotional skills among a diverse group of children. 


    Embracing the globally recognised early years teaching framework EYFS, we have designed a rich and developmentally optimal curriculum that will ensure each child develops holistically in his or her critical years of learning and are fully prepared to enter strong bilingual international or local primary school. 


    Starting from birth, your child’s brain connections are also formed through his or her everyday experiences with parents, caregivers and friends. We value your input, participation and partnership to ensure your child receives the best overall learning experience in the early years. We have already planned for many parent events, and we welcome you to join us and become an integral part of your child’s learning journey.  


    I am grateful and take pride in working alongside our group of wonderful educators, and look forward to partnering with parents like you to kick off your child’s most memorable learning journey together. 


    Jessica Ye Trainor 

    Founder and School Supervisor

Our Leadership Team

Jessica Ye Trainor

Founder & School Supervisor

Entrepreneur and educator based in Hong Kong, China, Jessica founded Mulberry House Education Group in 2015 with a vision to building leading bilingual international schools. Currently, the Group directly operates two bilingual Kindergartens and two Mandarin Immersion Playgroups.   

China born and US educated, Jessica is deeply committed to curriculum research, school design, and education technology development, focusing on the area of inquiry-based learning, bilingual development, and project based learning. Before education, Jessica worked in banking and research for 14 yrs. 

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Education University of Hong Kong, HK
  • NAMC Montessori Teaching Diploma (Early Childhood 3-6 Yrs)
  • Bachelor and Master of Science in Computer Science & Mathematics, New York University, US

Susan Ward

Head of School (Tai Po)

Susan is from Australia and has been living and working in Hong Kong for 15+ years now. She holds a postgraduate qualification in leadership and management, with 15+ years of experience working as manager and coordinator for international kindergartens. She is a strong advocate of inquiry-based learning, with a passion for Reggio inspired environments. She loves teaching children, as well as leading our team of passionate educators.

  • 15+ Years’ Experience in Early Childhood Education
  • PGDE Early Childhood Education, Hong Kong University, HK
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management and HR, Victoria University, Australia
  • Bachelor of Arts, RMIT, Australia

Joey Chow

Head of School (Southside)

Hong Kong born and UK educated, Joey has 10+ years of teaching experience with young children. She has also taken on leadership, Curriculum Coordinator and Head Teacher position across bilingual and local Hong Kong early childhood education settings. Joey treasures every child’s curiosity and creativity. She wishes to create joyful journeys for little learners and help them gain enthusiasm for learning.

  • 10+ Years of teaching experiences 
  • 8+ Years of curriculum planning for renown Kindergarten and Playgroup
  • PGDE Early Childhood Education, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
  • Bachelor of Arts, Hospitality and Business Management, University of Birmingham, UK

Faye Lin

Director of Marketing & Admissions

Faye has 12 years of solid experiences in marketing, public relations and business development specialises in Education. Previously worked at prominent institutions such as English Schools Foundation and Hong Kong’s first listed education company, Faye brings significant expertise on various aspects of education management. As a proud mom to a 4-year-old and a 4- month-old, she has a vested interest in early childhood education.

Faye holds a Masters Degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Prior projects involvement include setting up HK’s biggest tutorial business’s first mainland branch; nation-wide teacher training tournament sponsored by Han Ban; UK College Programmes offering in HK, as well as served at ESF South Island School Council.

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