About Us & Our Mission

Welcome to Mulberry House International Kindergarten. We are a dual language school for children under 6 years old, where English and Mandarin Chinese language and culture are fully integrated throughout every aspect of a child’s learning experience. 

Our Mission

Mulberry House Education Group is a premier education brand, operating playgroup, pre-nursery and kindergarten, with six campuses in Greater Bay. Our mission is to provide stimulating learning opportunities to young children, and to nurture global citizens,  culturally and linguistically fluent in English and Chinese – with a lifelong love of learning.


Our Education Cornerstone 

We believe the Early Years lays a firm and important foundation for your child’s future life-long learning journey. Providing a secure and innovative environment for children to engage in our holistic programme, we firmly believe and implements our 5 key cornerstones:

1. We provide an authentic bilingual immersion learning experience for children, guided by experienced and native speaking educators, raising fully bilingual, bi-cultural and bi-literate children.

2. We are Inquiry-based, which offers a rich framework that cultivates creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Children are given time and guidance to explore, to experiment, and to reflect on what they have learnt. 

3. Our curriculum is guided by UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage EYFS. Under the 7 areas of learning framework, children learn through hands on, active and self motivated learning. This well established and holistic programme aims at cultivating children’s creativity and exploratory minds, enabling them to realise their unique potential. 

4. We are Reggio Emilia inspired, with beautiful and natural environments across all campuses, providing a sensory-rich learning experience to children.

5. “Environment is our third teacher”. We believe nature offers children an exciting playground and an excellent classroom. Our Forest School programme incorporates the outdoor learning experiences into our normal school life, which provide various types of stimulation, promotes children’s imagination, make them think about new challenges, encourage responsibilities and build their confidence.

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