Vision and Mission


Raising bilingual learners , nurturing global citizens.



To nurture global citizens – culturally and linguistically fluent in English and Chinese – with a lifelong love of learning.

We create engaging and stimulating learning opportunities that inspire curious and creative minds to thrive.

We at Mulberry House International Kindergarten believe the Early Years lays a firm and important foundation for your child’s future life-long learning journey.

We provide a secure and innovative environment for children to engage in a holistic programme that includes a focus on creativity, academics, future ready skills such as critical thinking and technology, and sports and activities.

With the engaging and stimulating learning opportunities at our kindergarten, our vision is to create a leading educational programme that’s aimed at unlocking each child’s unique potential, fostering their curiosity, creativity, resilience, integrity and humility.  

Our Early Years staff are experienced, caring and passionate in delivering a stimulating and supportive learning environment where they will thrive and love to learn with us.

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